Direction Found

Direction Found

We excel at digital marketing, online reputation, website creation, search engine optimization, photography, and social media management. If you want to be online, we are a one stop shop for all things digital.


Letter from Paul, Owner:

Always a bit nerdy, but always felt right. We are a small, but fierce agency specializing in marketing that produces leads and qualified traffic. Successful work is our priority and we look forward to how Jupiter Compass will earn your trust, just as we have with so many of our clients. Drop us a line and say hello, let us know where you want to target and we will guide you to success!

Pay-Per-Click – Google Ads


Digital ads, when executed correctly, are a huge part of a site’s qualified traffic. Items such as social and SEO help the site reach those looking for your site organically, but casting a larger net with proper goals in place can return your investment in an exponential way. Knowing how to promote your brand in an online campaign is daunting to many, we have years of experience in making effective location and product specific ads.

Search Engine Optimization


We are Google certified and are constantly learning the latest techniques and applying them to see results, then go back and tweak based on our findings. Search engine optimization or SEO is the way to make a website more visible to those that may be looking for your brand through search. SEO is in a constant state of movement, is your site optimized? Will it keep up with competitors? Let us take the guess work out of those questions.

Online Reputation Management


Online reputation management has several aspects, but to name a few: reviews, claiming your location in maps, and social media are some of the most important. Review sites are getting ranked higher in search, maps on users’ phones have to be claimed and social is vital for customer interaction and growth, but sometimes it is not advised to be across all mediums, with that being said, it is important to know what avenues will provide the greatest return.

All Time Favorites

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The Perks of Using Social Media Marketing to Promote your South Florida Business

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