We are very excited to be a marketing supplier for the CCSA community. As a benefit to all of you, we will be updating this page with a promotion periodically. We had a great time at the 2019 CCSA Conference in Buffalo, New York! It was our first conference and year as CCSA suppliers. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and said hello and although 2020 is canceled, we hope we can continue our relationship and grow our trust within the CCSA.

An ongoing promotion we are providing is a branded bulk set of videos for your business. This product is a series of 15 how to videos, which will display you own logo and information at the end. We will rebrand all the videos for $25 per video, or $375 for all 15, BUT if you decide to do all 15, we will take 10% off the total price when you place your order by filling out the form below.

This fast and informative method of video is always a show stopper. An example of one of the videos with branding on it, is the Alcohol Technique, it is displayed below.

Some suggestions from us for an application of this video bundle, could be a continually looping tv in the window of your store to get attention of pedestrians or in your store to educate your patrons and staff. After we are done with adding your personalized message and logo you can use them to create branded posts to share online further solidifying your brands authority in your market.

To view all 15 technique videos CLICK HERE!

Techniques Included: Alcohol, Antiquing, Bubbles, Carbon Paper, Dots, Lace, Paper Masking, Etching, Silkscreen, Splatter, Splash, Stamp, Tape, Texture, and wash.


Studios We’ve Worked With: