Branding For Your Palm Beach Business, Custom Graphic Design A Snap Chat Filter

Smart Ways To Brand Your Palm Beach Business, Custom Graphic Design A Snap Chat Filter

Using a Snap Chat filter is a smart way to brand your Palm Beach business and has many opportunities for positive outreach and as someone that has used them many times, for clients and my own company, I have seen the response and the traction that justifies the time and money invested in creative design and targeted marketing. It is one of my favorite social media outlets to use when spend budgets are lower, you can cover a hyper local area that otherwise would not be accessible with the same low spend or budget. Normally to be a sponsor of a music event it is thousands of dollars, but the video below goes into the brief details of a filter we promoted over the party barges during SunFest in West Palm Beach The response of people using the filter were strong and you may be wondering, “Yes, they had a response, but did it lead to any conversions?” We only had two people who contacted us directly, and one of those two contacts that actually lead to a logo design, but for branding as a whole, we think that even if there were not any leads, we would have still promoted ourselves through this branding medium; branding is an investment that is contributed to over time.

Here are the stats of this campaign: Range: May 3rd – May 6th Ad Cost: $169.42