The Perks of Using Social Media Marketing to Promote your South Florida Business

Promote your South Florida Business with Social Media Marketing

Social media has always been a place for friends and family to “socialize,” but using social media marketing to promote your South Florida business the correct way, you must have a different approach. Social media has become a platform for many companies to express themselves and showcase products, services, sales, specials, events, and everything in between; the problem with so many businesses being online is saturation of the landscape, making it difficult for brands to stand out. Preforming ethically, upholding brand consistency, and increasing engagement should all be a part of your online messaging, not only on your social media marketing, but as a whole. Below are three effects to using social media for your business.

Brand Awareness

One major advantage to using social media for branding is that they allow a brand to get its name out there and (when used in the right way) literally into the hands of millions of potential customers.

Once recognized, customers can follow the brands story and style and can begin to form a relationship on a personal level with the business. From that, if business psych has any truth to it, your brand can utilize the “heart strings” effect, where statistically, consumers make purchasing decisions based on emotions over logic.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

 – Seth Godin, Former Yahoo! VP of Marketing and Dot Com Business Exec

SEO Ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sounds very cryptic and techy, doesn’t it? However, it is important for business owners to know just how vital SEO can be to a company’s growth. If you break down the term, Search Engine Optimization, it is actually very self-explanatory.

Search Engine: Think Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Optimization: The action of making the best or most effective use of a resource.

There you have it; SEO is simply making a search engine work in the best or most effective way for your company.

Now, when it comes to ranking on said search engines, that’s where we come along. Social media profiles often rank on their own in search and through years of implementing SEO and social media best practices, we’ve gotten very good at optimizing social media posts and found a balance in how social media can organically assist in ranking a business higher on search without spamming your following within your social platforms.

Think about it this way, a search engine is designed to provide the user the best and most effective answer or result to any search question as quickly as possible. If you want to be considered the best or most effective, to a certain customer looking for a business similar to yours, you have to have the best and most effective answers for them in a way search engines can easily find the answers to these queries. In other words, in order for a search engine to “vouch” for your brand and place you at the top organically, it needs to see your brand have characteristics of validity, integrity, and consistency.

So, you have a kick-ass website that is optimized and ready to go – Good job! But, so does many other companies in your area that are offering a similar product or service. Now, from all those companies, what advantage do you have? How can you show a search engine that you are unique and have characteristics of validity, integrity, and consistency? Social Media!

Each social media platform you obtain can be a stage for your company to shine! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, being the most common for businesses, all add to your brand’s Integrity. Continuously posting interesting, unique, and engaging content will in turn give your company consistency and validity over those that may have solely created a social profile only to say, “We are on social media.”

After all this, a search engine will begin to recognize that you ARE special, and your company DOES offer something that others may not, and in turn will use you as one of the best and most effective brands as a result for a search.

To sum social SEO up, systems and algorithms need multiple facets to pull from in order to organically hold your business in high regard. Social media, along with your website, is another way to prove you deserve to be listed as one of the best and most effective companies for your customers in your area.

Engaging with Customers

Last, and arguably most important, social media allows companies to engage almost instantly with their customers. Social media is a huge platform for customers to connect, review, promote, and discuss products and services and a great opportunity for brands to display a human element by responding, thanking, and answering back to posts and messages. Customers, just as they were in the past with word of mouth, can be a brands biggest advocate and in turn make a big impact on how potential customers will make decisions upon your brand in the future.